Friday, June 27

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My first weekend in Durham all summer! I can't really claim loneliness since D has been gone, since I've gotten to visit Chicago, DC, and Charlotte, all in a row. Finally I'm local and have a good line up of activities: a performance at DPAC, yoga at the brewery, an outdoor concert, a visit to the farmers market, and some time in the sun, plus plenty of cocktails with my girlfriends. Don't feel too bad for me as I leave the jet-setter lifestyle behind- next weekend I'll be back in New England (YAY) and, following that, in NYC with my bestie (DOUBLE YAY).

Listening to music and wishing you could have a cocktail that suits the mood? Check out Drinkify. Here's what they recommend if you're listening to Robyn, which you should always be doing, always.

Very interested in this app, because I love travel and I love cheap.

As a female athelete (well, once upon a time anyway) I found this piece on Title IX (celebrating its 42nd anniversary) to be revealing.

An argument for the consultant career path, and for maintaining your mystery, featuring a Duke/Fuqua professor.

This guy is totally charming as he debunks many of history's greatest myths. With stick figure animation, of course.

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