Friday, June 20

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D loves doing Sean Connery impersonations, and I love cats. It's the perfect representative picture of our pending weekend together.
I'm a lucky girl. Heading to Charlotte this afternoon to spend a semi-pre-birthday weekend with D! Haven't seen him since we moved him down to ATL, so I'm double looking forward to it. Plus I like my birthday a lot, so there's that. You can find us lounging in style at the Ritz- the rest of our D-created itinerary includes live music, Belgian breweries, ice cream, fancy dinners, green smoothies, and long walks. If you have any recommendations, please let us know! And if you're looking to send me a gift, which of course you are, Anthro is having their semi-annual sale. Got my eyes on some kicks (these, so mod, and these, so prep).

English pronunciation. Sometimes (most times) I am grateful that I learned our crazy language first. Can't imagine the difficulty for ESOL students (which is why I've started volunteering with the Durham Literacy Center).

This add is pretty powerful, and may change the way you talk to young girls.

Want to alter a recipe? Not so fast. Food52 shares what you can, and can't, change (that is, if having the recipe turn out edible is on your must-have list).

An interesting tidbit from my friend M (who also celebrated a birthday this week!): the kilogram is the only international standard of measure that is still defined by a thing rather than a constant. It's literally a cylinder of metal kept in a vault in France, which is not completely constant. He thought it was bizarre, and I agree. File that one away for trivia, folks.

Can't. Stop. Listening.

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