Friday, June 13

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Weekend time. I'm trying to spend as little time home alone as possible, so I don't notice that I now live alone. I had girl-dates every night this week, and as of lunchtime today I'll be cruisin' to DC to visit my lovely bride-and-groom to be, and a few other wonderful people. Forecast says 81 and sunny, and I couldn't be happier to get back to the city I most-often call home. You can find me at Peregrine sippin' some coffee and strolling the Eastern Market booths, or getting cupcakes fo' free in Georgetown, or stalking Good Wood on U Street followed by drinks at The Gibson...

D sent this morbid article to me, and I found it interesting: how American's died in 1990 compared to today.

How much do you need to earn to buy a home in 27 metros? Thank goodness I don't want to live in the Bay Area...

D and I haven't really hosted dinner parties since leaving D.C. (although for us, it was usually just one other couple or a meal with roommates). I'm hoping we get into it next year, and will be saving these tips until then.

This cocktail sounds very simple, but has all my favorite things: a little citrus, grenedine, gin, egg white...I sense an imbibe post for next week, no?

Ever found something ugly on Craigslist (all the time) and wondered who would buy it (all the time)? Here's an idea for those ugo leather couches. Expect me to scoop them all up as soon as I have access to a set of wheels.

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