Monday, June 2

link it up and welcome back

Marbella Beach, which we had 100% to ourselves for lunch
So yes, I returned from Honduras at midnight last Wednesday, but brought back a weird tropical cold and was a zombie for a few days. Then I had to enjoy D's final days in Durham before we moved him down to ATL this weekend. Now I'm back in business for a #solosummer and will have plenty of time to be a diligent and consistent blogger. For now, a few links you may have missed.

Super inspired by this lady, who has a style blog built around a capsule wardrobe (having 40 or fewer clothes and shoes in your repertoire, not including workout gear, sleep wear, or accessories). I think I should try this minimalist approach.

Do you know of a recent college grad? Have them visit this site for a pretty comprehensive personality and strengths test, if they need a little career guidance.

I've been using Food52 quite a bit for recipes, cooking techniques, and even shopping for some tools. Check out this feature for "best of the broke kitchen" if you're cooking on a budget, like me.

Ayn Rand meets Harry Potter. Love it.

Breaking news: I laughed out loud when I saw this. That bear is straight chillin.

Happy Monday folks!

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