Friday, May 9

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what can I say? still digging pink. 
I am off to Lake George in upstate NY for the wedding of one of D's oldest friends (I quite like her as well, so it works out nicely). Hope it's a great one for you.

I don't know about you, but D and I are SO TIRED of the national geographic pictures the Apple TV rotates through when in sleep mode...which it usually is, since we use it to airplay Pandora or Spotify from our devices. Looks like it's time to download this app, fo' free. This would be AWESOME if you have a TV in a visible area and wish it would just blend into your gallery wall...

Corporate time equivalents. True and funny.

The NY Times has a  new series, Verbatim, where they'll translate literal legal documents into short skits. The text and length have to be real, but the actors have creative license with their tone, delivery, and accompanying acting. This first one is giggle-inducing (don't miss the last 10 seconds).

I'm on a bit of an Iris Apfel kick lately. I can't say her home is my taste, but at the same time it is, in that my taste is whatever represents you. Totally does it her way.

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