Friday, May 2

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One of the many hats my dad chooses to don is that of the brewer. he isn't sure if this is real, but I'll report back after he gives it a try: how to drink all night and not get drunk.

One of my resolutions for this year was to get back into letter writing. All through college I dutifully enjoyed sending post to family and friends, but haven't been so diligent these last few years. This subscription service would keep me honest, and it looks beautiful. G, I think you'd like this too!

Literal rock band icons. My favorite is Blind Melon. Can you guess them all?

I've shared Humans of New York before, a blog I adore that pairs portraits with profound, funny, ironic, or interesting quotes from the subject. The founder shares a bit about his process, and I really liked this message: your philosophies and opinions are not unique, they are shared among many, but your stories are your own.

Eater does an "essential 38" list for restaurants in a city, pizza places in NYC, etc that I reference quite a bit when I'm on the road. This Wednesday they released their 38 Essential Coffee Shops IN THE COUNTRY, and I felt pretty smug about how many I've been to and/or how many I can GET to relatively soon: I've been to #4, 5 (MY FAVORITE), 7, 18 dozens of times, 23 a few weeks ago, 24, 35 (but only in NYC) and will do 28 when I move D to Atlanta in May, 8 when I visit K in Chitown in June, 30 when I'm in Miami next month and tried 12 on Thursday. I love lists, especially crossing things off them. Preferably with a cup of coffee in hand.

A hilarious take on smart phone shaming in public interactions. Do we think the author writes in jest or seriousness?

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